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Benchmade Auto SPIKE...The REAL deal!
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Started: 8/17/2007 10:00:43 AM
Ended: 8/27/2007 10:00:43 AM
Seller: audiophile (5)
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Benchmade Automatic “SPIKE”, designed by Phil Boguszewski.  Absolutely MINT.  It has never cut anything, been carried, or been sharpened.  There is not a scratch on it!


YES, THIS IS A REAL SPIKE…NOT a clone or a copy or any kind of a “near miss”!

Benchmade’s “Spike” has been discontinued for many years.  When it went into production, it immediately became one of the most instantly recognizable knives ever designed. 

Its symmetry, simplicity of form, and streamlined good looks made it an instant hit with collectors and serious users alike.  It successfully melded the stylish and charismatic old world Italian stiletto / “switchblade” with the new “coil spring automatic” and it’s hearty form and functional intent. 

It has a true spear-shaped blade, and a tapered, yet palm-filling handle.  The button is placed “right where it should be”, and is very generously sized at 5/16” in diameter, yet is perfectly flush with the side of the handle, and must be fully depressed to the level of the surrounding recessed area to activate the blade, making it both easy to use, and remarkably safe for having no added safety mechanism.

The Spike is well known for having one of the fastest actions ever in an automatic.  The stop pin is anywhere from 25% to 33% larger in diameter than most autos of comparable size and quality, perhaps a testament to its speed, and the inherent need to absorb it’s kinetic energy.  Once the button is depressed, the blade opens with authority, accompanied by that unmistakable trademark “Spike” sound!  Lock-up is “Benchmade tight”, and the machining is flawless.

Benchmade made the spike in many variations.  This particular Spike has over an inch of serrations along its 3 9/16” blade.  On the “button side” of the blade is the trademark butterfly logo with “BALI-SONG” across its middle.  This indicates this knife is from Benchmade’s earlier days, before they started putting “Benchmade” across the butterfly.  The other side of the blade has “BENCHMADE” and “U.S.A.” prominently marked on it. The blade has neither a scratch nor a nick on it.  It is beautiful.  The blade is flat ground.

The handle is noteworthy in that, for one, its color is unique.  It is not merely brushed aluminum, nor does it have an anodized color coating.  It appears that whatever alloy was mixed with the aluminum has lent its color to the knife’s handle.  It appears to be part of the handle, through and through, and therefore, will not rub or scratch off.  The color is a little darker and richer than your normal brushed aluminum finish.  It is very attractive.  It might have some copper or bronze in it.  I do not know; I am not a metallurgist.  That is just the impression it gives.  It is very subtle. 

Both sides of the handle have the standard elongated “tear drop” grooves that are not only attractive, but are also very much functional in enhancing the “purchase”, or grip, so you retain good control of the knife.  Closed the length is 4 7/16”.  This one was manufactured with no clip.  The earliest autos did not have clips.

I have to wrap this up, it’s getting awfully long!  But I felt this knife deserved some extra attention, as it is so rare, desirable and valuable.  To just list the specs would do it a grave disservice, I think.  So, in closing, I want you to know this knife is MINT, cherry, spotless and scratchless.  It has never been carried, used, or sharpened.  I did not buy it new, but I know Spikes intimately, and I have gone over it carefully with a jeweler’s loupe, (a very fine, eye-mounted magnifying glass) from tip to butt, and I have seen every tooling, grinding and polishing mark on it.  I did not disassemble the knife, but I did inspect it as much as is humanly possible.

Since the Spike was discontinued, so long ago now, it has become, and remains to this day still, one of the most sought after and collectible production automatic knives ever made.  It took me years to find my Spike, maybe its time to claim this one for your own?

Now for the required stuff: You must be over 18 years old to purchase this knife, and be aware of, and comply with, all laws regulating the ownership of such knives in your locale.  Buyer holds seller harmless for the ownership and any subsequent use of this knife.  Buyer agrees to release seller of any and all liability related to ownership and or use of this knife.  Sorry, but today’s litigious world (and my lawyer) require this disclaimer. 

I accept Postal Money Orders only.  I do not accept PayPal or credit cards, and I am not a business, just a hobbyist.  Checks must be held until they clear.  Payment must be received within seven days of the sale.  All sales are final, so please ask all questions you might have before bidding. 

Now that the necessities of the trade are dispensed with, I want you to know that I very much appreciate you viewing my listing (and reading this FAR!)  It is really a pleasure holding this in my hand, knowing its reputation and rarity.  If you don’t know that feeling, you will when you purchase one, and you will NOT be disappointed!  Also, feel secure in your purchase, as Benchmade stands behind their products, and will be there for you in the unlikely event you should need service. 

Thank you very much for looking!  And be careful with your knives out there!

Sold Out.
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